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Man sentenced for causing head-on collision near Mayfield



A careless driver caused a serious head-on collision that left himself and another motorist seriously injured.


The driver was driving in a white Peugeot Partner van on the A267 near Mayfield. He drove onto the wrong side of the road and collided with a Hyundai.


Despite his dashcam footage showing him driving erratically just moments before the crash, the driver was not able to explain how he had ended up causing the head-on collision. In the footage, his vehicle can be seen weaving within his own carriageway and on several occasions almost mounting the grass verge and going over the centre white lines separating the north and southbound traffic.


The collision caused both him and a 43-year-old local woman to sustain life-changing injuries.


At Lewes Crown Court on April 18 he admitted causing serious injuries by careless driving and he was sentenced to a four-month suspended prison sentence, and has been banned from driving for one year.


The case highlights the dangers of careless driving, which is one of the main causes in people being killed or seriously injured on our roads.


The collision has had a life changing impact on the victim who spent several weeks recovering at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and continues to receive rehabilitation.


She said: “This manner of driving has caused me life-changing injuries which has impacted not only me but my family as well. It is clear that any motorist driving on the road needs to pay attention all of the time as the consequences can be devastating.”




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